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Original Cast: Our Craziest Moments | GLEE

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so i think i’ve decided to write my world religion paper on homosexuality and religion and have my speech final be on bisexual erasure….

i figured if the topics were something i cared about, they might be easier to write.

we’ll see how this goes…

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synonym toast crunch 

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gleeddicted prompted: mpreg!Blaine and late night snacks? Kurt wakes up because the bed is empty and cold and Blaine is eating cronuts in the kitchen

Since that amazing day when Blaine came to the door beaming and handing Kurt an official document from the hospital, and Kurt had lifted him off his feet and spun him around the room and kissed the bright grin right off his face, Kurt has never slept alone. Blaine is never far from his side, doesn’t want to be, not that Kurt would let him go. That’s his fiancé, his baby growing in Blaine’s belly, and he wants to keep both of them close.

But the bed is empty next to him, and the panic grips cold at Kurt’s chest before he can swallow it down. Something could’ve happened and he slept straight through all Blaine’s pleas, he went to the hospital without him and now Kurt is a terrible fiancé and father. A thud sounds from the kitchen, and Kurt rolls out of bed and slides his feet into his slippers to go and investigate.

Blaine is sitting alone at the table, the small lamp that sits on the counter still bearing the flowers Kurt bought him after their first ultrasound dimly lighting the room. Leaning on the wall, Kurt smiles as he watches Blaine working his way methodically through the box of cronuts they keep at the back of the fridge. Since Blaine found out, their new fitness regime has rather fallen by the wayside.

"Hi honey," Kurt says softly, and Blaine starts. "Will you share with me?" Blaine pushes the box across the table slightly, and Kurt reaches for Blaine’s hand as he sits down. "Why didn’t you wake me up? I was really worried when you weren’t there."

"I’m kind of…embarrassed," Blaine says softly, not meeting Kurt’s eyes. "I shouldn’t have to leave our bed in the middle of the night to eat. It’s just greedy."

"Sweetie, you’re carrying our baby, if the baby wants cronuts he can have them," Kurt says, and Blaine laughs softly. "I don’t want you to be embarrassed to tell me anything relating to the pregnancy. We’re in this together." Blaine smiles softly, and leans across the table to kiss the sickly sweetness from Kurt’s lips.

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5x18 Back-up Plan Stills

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helenandherimperfectworld prompted (shortened): Blaine forgets an important anniversary and kitty!Kurt is not happy

Blaine entered the apartment quietly, holding a bouquet of roses carefully as he toed off his shoes and shrugged off his jacket. It was dark and in the silence, even the smallest of movements sounded loud to Blaine’s ears. 

He tiptoed to the living room, wincing as he saw a bed made ready on the couch. He glanced at the kitchen where a plate full of sushi was placed neatly on the center of the table and some half-made rolls were on the counter with a bottle of white wine that was probably warm by now. He sighed, well aware that he had screwed up and,made his way to the bedroom. 

"Kurt?" he said as he pushed the door open. "Kurt, honey?" 

The bundle on the bed didn’t answer but Blaine knew his boyfriend well enough to know he was not sleeping. 

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Whoops, here’s like 200-300 words of a reaction thing. Maybe I’ll add the after nap part later… we’ll see.

            ”Nuh uh, no Bruce today.”

            Blaine slumped down on the bed behind Kurt and knocked Bruce’s plushy arm out of his hand.

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